Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush

This is the time of year when the wildflowers in Texas start coming up.  This year they say will not be as good as last because we haven't had a lot of rain.  So, I thought I'd put up a shot I took last year that's a companion to my Bluebonnets picture.  This was taken in the same location but part of the field had some nice Indian paintbrush in it and it added a little more color to the shot.

Friday, March 25, 2011


This is another shot from my photowalk with Van Sutherland during SWSW a couple of weeks ago.  However, this isn't the same tattoo parlor that was represented in my previous post of the guy standing outside a tattoo parlor.  No, this is a different place.  6th Street has multitudes of bars and clubs which makes for a good location for quite a few places to get tatted up.  Makes sense because I have a feeling most people get tatted when they've had a few cocktails. 

As I said, this particular establishment is on 6th street and when Van and I went up the stairs to see what may be happening, it was completely dead.  The two artists - at least I think that's who they were - were sound asleep on two couches in the place.  Maybe business didn't pickup until later?  I don't know, but we decided to leave and on the way downstairs, the "TATTOO" on the wall made for a cool shot.  Both of us shot it.  You can see Van's here

There's always something to shoot on 6th Street.  I'm gonna have to get out there again soon to try and get more unique stuff.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, this is just a straight up shot.  No HDR on this one. Just little Nik Color Efex, curves and some masking.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bat Bar and Tattoo

One thing I'd like to mention before I talk about these pics is that unfortunately, I may not be able to dedicate more time to my blog in the next few weeks as I'm trying to devote more time to studying for a certification exam.  Whether I get there or not is a whole other story, but I'd like to give it a shot anyway.  I still hope to post here as often as usual, but if I miss a week or two, at least you'll know why.  However, in a couple of weeks I'm heading to Florida for a couple of days, so I KNOW I'll get more content to work on then! The exam may have to wait until I'm done with those shots! ;-)

Now, onto the two shots below... Each were taken while walking 6th St during South By Southwest.  You see all kind of people and happenings during that time. The first is from the interior of "The Bat Bar" I think.  The guy outside the door was quite intimidating to look at because he's a rather large guy compared to myself, but he was very welcoming and did not mind us taking pictures.  I thought the silhouette of him at the doorway looking out was kinda cool.

The next one below is similar because the subject here didn't mind his picture being taken either.  Obviously he was one of the artists outside of one of the tattoo parlors on 6th Street.  Intimidating as well because of all the tatts, but a very nice guys as well.  I should really try to get people's names when I shoot them shouldn't I!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Behind the Drums

Some of the clubs on 6th St in Austin, TX have their stages located right near the front door.  That way, you can kind of see the band as soon as you walk in the door, plus sometimes you can look right through the window and see the band from behind.  That's how I got this shot.  I'm not sure what club it was from, but the window behind the drum set was opened and I just setup and got this one before the band went on.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Driskill Hotel Bar from the Stage

You would think that with this post and my previous post that I like to hang out in bars.  Ahh, that was in my youth.  I do enjoy the occasional visit for a cocktail or two but the heavy partying days are behind me.  Now it's just as fun to take pictures in a bar as it was to get loopy in one.  This bar has great opportunities for photography in it.  It's located in the famous Driskill Hotel right on 6th Street here in Austin.  It's been shot by photographers a zillion times, but I've only shot it once before a couple of Christmases ago.  I took this shot while messing around waiting for a photowalk last week with Van Sutherland.  He posted some excellent stuff from that evening by the way.  Check it out if you have a minute.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Jukebox at Juke Joint

Last Friday night Alex Suarez invited some of us Austin photographers out to 6th Street where a lot of the clubs, taverns and bars are located.  This coincided with the current South By Southwest (SXSW) festival going on in town.  Alex's photowalk consisted of shooting models at various locations around 6th St.  Well, this isn't really my forte so I decided not to participate in this particular one, but someday I might like to try it.  So, fellow photographer Van Sutherland and I ventured out to do some shooting of our own.

One place we ended up at on 6th street was this place called the Beale Street Tavern.  Looks like a pretty cool place.  They have a big sign just outside their door all lit up with "Elvis Was Here" and they have a big statue of Elvis above the bar.  What can't be cool about that?

In this shot I tried to mainly get the old jukebox in the seen along with the performer in the background.  I'm not exactly sure what my intention was here, but I still kind of liked how it turned out.  I guess my subconscious was telling me it liked the old jukebox as the subject along with the live performer as some sort of irony.  Plus, I just happen to like old jukeboxes.  However, this one isn't really that old because it plays CDs.  Oh well, what are you gonna do?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rain-forest Road

The Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada has pretty much the same climate as Washington state, that is, it's temperate.  Much of the area is covered with rain-forests.  Normally when I think of rain-forests, I think of the tropics, but they do exist in other forms.  We went to this rain-forest during a tour with a company called Whistler Discovery Tours.  We took the Ancient Rain-forest Experience tour and this was one of the roads we crossed while going from viewing the eagles to seeing the forest interior.  I thought it made a nice shot with the yellow stripe and the dark asphalt of the road contrasting with the snow and the trees.  I just wish there was more foliage on the trees but I still kind of like this shot.

The guide for our tour was the owner of Whistler Discovery Tours and he is an excellent nature photographer.  His name is James Fougere and you can see his work here.  Check it out if you have some time.  He really does nice work and if you ever go on one of his tours, he will be happy to give you pointers on photography.  Very nice guy!

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