Monday, September 3, 2012

UPDATED: University of Michigan Band At Jerry's World

This Labor Day weekend was a great one!  Well, sort of...  This weekend Eileen and I, as well as our friends Valerie and Theresa were able to go to Dallas and take in the premier college football game of the week: The University of Michigan versus the University of Alabama.  The teams were ranked #8 and #2 respectively.  Plus, my excellent sister Elizabeth and her boyfriend Jack of some 12 - 13 years (at least.. sorry if I'm off a little Elizabeth ;-)) came out from their home in Florida to catch the game!  You see, they are both Michigan alums and go to as many games per year as they can. They were able to get tickets and asked if we wanted to tag along. Heck yeah! Elizabeth made all of the arrangements and everything!  She did a great job!

We all spent the whole weekend in Dallas, went to the game, visited and in general had an awesome time!  We even met some new friends!  The bad part was that Michigan got their @$$3$ handed to them in a 41-14 loss.  It was awful.  I was a little nervous for my boys in blue leading up to this game and unfortunately my fears came true.  I guess that's part of the rebuilding process.  They are still trying to get over the terrible "Rich Rod" years; the head coach that took the "Michigan" out of Michigan football.  Now that Brady Hoke is the head coach as of last year, he's slowly getting them back to prominence.  However, Alabama is pretty tough and it would be hard for anyone to beat them this year, as it looks.  Oh well, like I said, it was a fun weekend anyway, especially since we were able to visit with family and friends.

This it a shot I took a few minutes before gametime as the University of Michigan Marching Band was on the field.  I took this with my new fisheye lens as you can see.  It's pretty fun to play with!  It's nice to get a whole panorama interior shot of a sports stadium without having to take 7-8 separate shots and try to blend them together.  I did notice that there is a little bit of purple fringing around some of the lights so I guess I'll need to be conscious of that in the future.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the shot and thanks for dropping by.

Update:  I decided to try and remove the bad purple fringing around the lights on the opposite side of the field.  I think I got most of it.  If you have the right software, it can really be easy to do.  I opened it up with Nik's Viveza, put a control point on the offending color, desaturated it and then brushed it in.  Super easy!  I love that Viveza!  You can now see the result!  I must say, it's not real obvious here, but if you roll your mouse over the picture, you will see the purple fringing on the lights that are across the field.  Believe me, it was originally pretty bad.  I just had to clean it up!



  1. Great image as usual. The purple fringing (CA) is very easy to remove using ACR from the RAW file. I've created presets for my two fisheyes in CS4. I think CS6 might do it automatically but I haven't upgraded.

  2. Thanks for the input, Phil! I'll have to check that out some time!

  3. If you are a Lightroom user, there's a far easier way of fixing the fringing. Just go into Develop and pick the "Lens Correction" tab. Check the "Enable Profile Corrections" on the "Profile" tab and make sure LR knows about the lens you used to take the shot (if it doesn't, you have to do the next bit manually). Leave the "Distortion" and "Vignetting" sliders at minimum (or set as you wish) then go to the "Color" tab and check "Remove Chromatic Aberration". In that small number of clicks, your fringes should disappear.

    If LR doesn't know about your lens, you can correct the fringes using the sliders in the "Color" tab but I've found that all my lenses are already covered so I've not had to do this.

    One more hint - if you're merging brackets into an HDR, do the Chromatic Aberration fix BEFORE you merge the images and you'll find you end up with a far cleaner result.

  4. Thanks for the input, Dave! I don't have Lightroom, but I hope to get it in a few months. Right now I think I can do some of this stuff in ACR so I've been experimenting with that. But when in a pinch and I don't want to reprocess everything, my little trick works for me!


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