Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stress Relief Needed

Well, it's been quite a while since I've posted anything to the ol' blog.  I am in the middle of a rough road personally so I'm finding that working my photography hobby is a little difficult as of late.  I'm trying again to keep my mind off things, but not sure how that will go with this.  Hopefully things will get better soon.

To relieve some stress recently, my wife and I took a little weekend trip to Granbury, TX and stayed at a nice bed and breakfast called the Baker St Harbour Waterfront Bed and Breakfast.  It's a big old Victorian house sitting on some land right on Lake Granbury.  We stayed in the downstairs room called the "Dr Doyle Suite".. It was great!  We had our own private entrance off the porch as well as a door to the rest of the house.  The innkeepers, Perry and Terry were wonderful as well.  They really made us feel right at home.  As a matter of fact, Terry made our room extra cozy with some nice lace and rose pedals on the bed and candles at the foot.  Of course, the candles were electric... Don't want to have a chance of starting a fire in the place, totally understandable. Oh, did I mention that the reason Terry did that was because it was our 18th wedding anniversary that weekend?  18 awesome years!  Can't imagine spending those years and future years with anyone else! Anyway, like I said, they made us feel very welcome.  They are also great cooks and will do up a very generous breakfast for you in the morning and they will also do some great afternoon snacks.  If you ever go to Granbury, check them out!

The picture here is our view from the Dr Doyle Suite, just outside our door.  It has a nice cozy, country feel to it and it has the look of relaxation, doesn't it?  Eileen and I really enjoyed our stay.

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