Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Charley Young Beach Thru Trees

This is a shot I took while Eileen and I were were taking in the sights of the different beaches in Kihei on Maui.  This is a view of Charley Young Beach as we approached from the north.

I share photos on this blog from my Flickr account.  When you login to Flickr, it will take you to the "Explore" page.  This is where Flickr's algorithms pick so-called "interesting" photos that have been uploaded by other account holders and presents them to everyone for more hits and such.  One of the things that makes me roll my eyes once in a while are the titles people give their photos.  Can we just title it what it is?  If it is a picture of a walkway in black and white (I'm making this up but it's not unrealistic), can we call it "Walkway in black and white" or title it with the location instead of, "Yearning for a life with less milieu" or something stupid like that?  Jeez, come on, man... ;-)  OK, maybe that's what helps get images into "Explore"..  Maybe I should try that...  On second thought, nah....

I hope you enjoy the photo and thanks for dropping by.

Charley Young Beach Thru Trees
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