Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Shots from SXSW 2014

Van Sutherland and I went out to downtown Austin last night to get some street shots from South By Southwest Film and Music Festival (SXSW).  What I have here is just a random set of shots from wandering the Sixth St area of downtown during this huge fest.  I converted them to black and white because I like the timelessness of that format and I think that style always adds a little interest!  And interest do these shots need! :-)

After looking at what I have captured, I have concluded that I need a remedial street photography class.  Most everything I captured was crap and what I have posted here is no exception, but they are the best of the lot.  It was still fun to do though!  Man, there were a lot of people down there for a Tuesday night!

Wish I would've read the following before going out:  14 Secrets of Successful Street Photography by Paul Bence.  Might've helped...

Lastly, click on each photo for a better view...

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