Sunday, March 30, 2014

Horse Walking Her Colt

So I got up early this morning to go out and get some bluebonnets pics, but I ended up getting better shots of these horses.  You see, the bluebonnets are in full bloom and they are all over the place.  I found a spot here in Georgetown that has a ton of them.  The problem is that they are all in someone's front yard.  However, their driveway looked like it would be perfect with the sun rising behind it in the morning.  So, I got up and went out there and got a few shots.  But, I felt a little weird about going on someone's property without their permission so the shots I took were from the street and they really didn't turn out very well.

After that disappointment, I decided to drive to the spot where I got my best bluebonnet shot from a few years ago.  When I got there, no bluebonnets at all, just a field of weeds.  But right next to it was this corral with these horses.  So, I shot them and here we are!

They were very friendly horses, they even walked over and let me pet their noses.  Maybe they thought I had some food or something, but I like to think it was my charming demeanor that brought them over. :-)  OK, they were looking for food...  There were actually two sets of horse moms with their colts, but these two were the more photogenic I think...

Exif data:

Camera - Nikon D700
Lens - Nikkor 28 - 300mm f3.5 - 5.6
Focal length - 210mm
Aperture - f5.6
Exposure - 1/160
Exposure Program - Aperture priority AE
ISO - 200
Flash - No Flash

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