Sunday, November 17, 2013

Centennial Park Fountains

Last weekend, Eileen and I took a trip to Atlanta, GA.  You see, we have this bucket list to go to every NFL stadium and attend a game.  I swear I'm the luckiest guy in the world!  Anyway, we decided that Atlanta and the Atlanta Falcons were next on the list.  Last year the Falcons went 13-3 and went to the playoffs with a decent chance of going to the Super Bowl.  So we thought we'd pick a good game and the Seattle Seahawks seemed like a good opponent because they almost went to the Super Bowl last year as well.  Plus, Atlanta plays in a dome!  Nice!  So we bought the tickets!  However, fate decided something different.  This year the Falcons turned out to be one of the worst teams, but Seattle is still one of the best.  So, to make a long story short, Seattle kicked the Falcons' collective butt and we knocked another stadium off our list.  Now we just have to go to about 24 more!  At one game a year, it will be a while!

We also went to visit a good childhood friend of mine, John.  He and I lived just down the street from one another when we were kids.  We pretty much hung out all the time but went our separate ways after high school.  We visited him and his wife Nicole and their son Alexander!  It was great to see them and we had a great time catching up!  Thanks again for everything, guys!  Hopefully we'll get together again sometime soon!

So, that's where this picture comes in...  We stayed at the Hampton Inn in the downtown area which was right across from Centennial Park.  This is that park that was built for the Summer Olympics back in 1996.  Hence, that's what these fountain rings are you see here.  In the summer, kids will play and cool off in these things.  I'll bet that's a fun thing to do as a kid.  I like how the fountains were lit up here, but I'm a little disappointed that the red ring on the left's fountains weren't at full pressure.  Maybe I caught them at a bad time since they are supposed to do a little "dance" or something, but even when they were doing their "dance", they never got above the height that you see here. 

As far as the shot goes, this is a single shot, 13 second exposure that I took with a tripod standing atop a brick wall just above the fountains. I just kicked the aperture down to f22 in aperture priority mode and let the camera do the rest.  I then did a bit of post-processing in Adobe Camera Raw and added a vignette with Nik's Color Efex 4 via Photoshop CC.  Finally I cropped it down to a 16x9 ratio since there wasn't too much foreground interest in the original shot. 

I hope you like the shot and thanks for dropping by!  (As always, click on the picture if you want to see a larger view.)

Exif data:

Camera - Nikon D700
Exposure - 13
Aperture - f/22.0
Focal Length - 18 mm
ISO Speed - 200
Exposure Bias - 0 EV
Flash - No Flash
Exposure Program - Aperture-priority AE
Lens Model - Nikkor 16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0

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