Friday, May 10, 2013

6th Street Cool Store

Downtown Austin is pretty well known for it's party area located on 6th street.  There are bars galore!  It's basically a mini New Orleans - a place where tourists and University of Texas students go to get their drink on.  I'm sure some locals go down there as well, but not like the tourists and the students.  All of this is located right downtown, west of Interstate 35.  The east side of 35, on the other hand, is not as nice.  In fact it is rather run down and is pretty much the Compton/South Chicago-like side of Austin.  Portions of it are starting to become gentrified though and some hip shops are popping-up.  One of them is the 6th Street Cool Store.  From what I understand, it sells a great variety of beers - something which makes me a fan already - and apparently the proprietors are very friendly.  I have never been inside, but I plan on going in some time.  It's located on the side of town where I work and I thought it was time to get a shot of it.  I think I will have to get shots of other sites as well because there are some pretty interesting things going on with the east side.  I hope you enjoy the shot and thanks for dropping by.

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