Monday, February 25, 2013

Tetons and Snake River

Ansel Adams took one of the most beautiful shots ever from a view overlooking the Snake River with the Teton mountains above.  It is an iconic shot and is one of his most famous.  Below is the one I'm talking about:

I don't think I could ever accomplish anything close to his stuff and I must admit I'm a bit uncomfortable even trying to compare my work to his for that matter, but in this case I think the best I can do is at least compare locations.  From there it's all technique and he is the best and always will be.  So, my try from his spot is this:

Our tour guide from Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris is the one who recommended that we stop here and subsequently took us to this famous spot.  The location even has a little marker that talks about Ansel Adams' picture and how famous it really is.  So, I just had to try it myself and see how I could do.  I must say, it's my favorite from the trip!  I really like how the light from the sunrise hits the tops of the trees in the foreground. I also like the cloud formation halfway up the mountains from the temperature inversion at this time of the morning.  However, it's no match to Ansel's great image.  He had a great sky and a wonderful view of the river and was able to convey that like no other.  I bow to the master!

One thing I found interesting though, is the difference in the size of the trees in the foreground and how much of a difference there is between the two photos.  Ansel Adams' shot, which was taken in 1942 I think, shows a lot of the river due to the trees' youth.  Now the trees are so much bigger and the view is very different.  From what our tour guide told us, apparently there are some people that would like these trees torn down so as to get a better photo like the one from Mr. Adams.  I must say, I am not one of those people...

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  1. Fricking awesome my friend!

  2. Wow these images are spectacular.

  3. I hope you are talking about the color one, but I understand if you meant the BW. ;-)

  4. Thanks Edith. I'm partial to the second one myself, hehe!! :-)


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