Friday, October 26, 2012

Cloud Shadows on Mountain Chute

If you travel by car up to the top of Pike's Peak, the Parks Department recommends that you drive all the way to the top without stopping.  They say that if you want to look at the various scenic stops along the way up, that it is better to stop and enjoy them on the way down.  It's supposed to be easier on your vehicle because of the steep grades and the thin air.  If you continually stop on they way up, it is harder for your car to get going versus stopping and going on the way down.  Makes sense to me!  So that's what we did.  That's where this shot comes into play.  It's the view from the first turn-out or scenic overlook on the way back down from Pike's Peak.  It's a beautiful view of the mountains below and it kind of reminded me of a chute that you might see at a ski area as you look down.  There was even a little dusting of snow on some of the rocks at the top.

This is an HDR that I converted to a monochrome.  I tried to "Ansel Adams" it up a little even though I think he did mostly black and whites.  Something about shooting mountains and clouds that just calls for either.

 I hope you enjoy it and thanks for dropping by!

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