Sunday, December 19, 2010

Texas House of Reps with Christmas Tree

Texas House With Tree Panorama

At lunch last Thursday, my friend and co-worker Van Sutherland and I took a quick trip to the Texas Capitol to see if there were any good Christmas shots we could get. First we went to the Senate chamber and it didn't have anything in it, although we both took a couple of shots. Then we traveled to the other side into the House and sure enough, it was decorated with a great tree! I tried various angles to try and capture it since I only brought my 18-200 lens with me. But, I wasn't too satisfied with those so I thought it was time to try an HDR panorama. That's what I have here. It's a two show pano with five brackets each. I kind of like it, but the final shot doesn't follow some basic photography rules such as the rule of thirds. Oh well. It was still fun to put it together. Maybe in the future I'll try some more panos.

To see this shot bigger, click on the picture which will take you to my flickr site and once you get to flickr, go to Actions | View all sizes and click on the original.

This shot was processed as usual.  But, I put together two shots using Photoshop CS4's automerge function.

Other settings include:

Camera: Nikon D300s
Lens: Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II
ISO: 200
Aperture: f16
Exposure Bias: 1.00
Shutter: 4 & 0.8
Focal Length: 18mm
Mode: Aperture Priority
Bracketing: 5 exposures with EVs ranging from -2 to +1 at 1 stop intervals
White Balance: Auto
Tripod: Induro AB0
Nikon MC-30 Remote Release Cord

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  1. Looks really good to me! I have yet to try a HDR pano.

  2. Thanks Van. It wasn't too hard, but the left side shot didn't have the same white balance after I ran its brackets through Photomatix as the right side. So, I had to adjust that in Photoshop before I did the merge. Other than that, it was pretty easy.

  3. Nice Evan, the details are great, I was not aware you did the Pano, nice again.
    You and your family have a great Holiday Season!

  4. Thanks wiz! You have a great holiday as well!!!


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