Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Landing at Austin-Bergstrom

So a couple weeks back when I went to the NLand Surf Park, I also drove down Highway 71 back towards Austin and stopped at the Family Viewing Area at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.  It's place where you can watch planes takeoff and land.  This is an American Airlines Airbus A319 - I think - right at touchdown in front of the control tower.

There's kind of a weird story to go along with this photo... At the time I took this photo, there was a guy in a red Dodge Dakota pickup truck about 100 feet away from me just blasting his horn and revving his engine when the plane touched down.  I looked over at him and he had his hand out the window making all sorts of signs like the finger, the hang-loose sign, etc.  It seemed those were in my direction or the direction of the three other people that were there watching planes as well.  Not sure what he was going on about, I started walking over to him thinking maybe I'm breaking some sort of protocol by taking pictures of incoming planes and he knew something I didn't.  As I got closer to him, he drove away from me...  He then came into the area where I parked and where a father and his young son parked their pickup.  He pulled up on the curb just behind the father's truck and sat there.  He revved his engine a couple of times..  The other person there besides the father and son duo was a nice gentleman named Solomon who was originally from Nigeria.  Very nice man, but he also became concerned about the weirdo in the red pickup.  So he went over to the father and son to tell them this might not be a good situation.  As he went over to talk to them, the guy in the red truck left.  At that point, I thought it prudent to leave and so did Solomon.  As we drove out to get back on 71, red truck boy was sitting in the left lane sort of pointing in a crazy direction, like not quite perpendicular to the road and maybe slightly off to the side.  It was strange..  Then he turned around and started following us, but he was quite a ways back.  As I got back on to Highway 71, I wanted to head west back towards Austin, but since it is a divided highway, one must go east, turn around, then head west.  I did so, but as I was going west, I saw red pickup boy one last time appearing to be broke down on the eastbound side of 71.  He was out of his truck and like putting his head on the bed of the truck and other weird things.  That's the last I saw of this guy.  Isn't that a weird story?  I think he must've been on drugs or drinking or something while driving a piece of crap.  That's the only thing that makes sense to me...

One of the bad things about trying to photograph the planes is that you must shoot through a chain link fence.  I opened up the aperture as much as I could on my lens, but you can still kind of see the blurred X's of the fence in the image.  Oh well, I still like it.

I hope you enjoy the photo and thanks for dropping by.

American Touches Down
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