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Inside the Painted Church

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Inside the Painted Church

Just a couple miles away from the place where we stayed in Captain Cook is the St Benedict's Catholic Church, aka "The Painted Church".  The image here is an 11-shot panorama.

The images painted on the walls and the ceilings depict life and death as well as scenes from the Bible.  The altar and the left side depict life.  The right side and the rear of the church depict death. If you look at the palm fronds in the ceiling arches, you can see that the ones that point to the front are green (alive with life), while the ones that point to the back are brown (dying or dead).  The priest who founded the church used these paintings as a way to explain the bible to those who could not read. 

Here is more from Wikipedia: 
Saint Benedict's Catholic Church (also called simply The Painted Church[1]) is a parish of the Roman Catholic Church in Honaunau, Hawaii. It was built between 1899-1902 under the direction of the Belgian Catholic missionary Father John Velghe, who then painted frescoes along the interior ceiling and walls. An untrained folk-artist, Fr. Velghe depicted various biblical scenes, such as Cain's murder of Abel, Jesus refusing the Devil, and the writing on the wall, as well as a vivid illustration of sinners in Hell.[3] While the building itself is small and rectangular, Fr. Velghe painted Gothic vaults above the altar, creating the illusion of a European Gothic cathedral, inspired particularly by Burgos Cathedral.[1] Several other priests learned from Velghe and went on to establish other 'painted churches', including Star of the Sea Painted Church, painted by Father Evarist Gielen.[4]
St. Benedict's continues to be an active Roman Catholic church in the Diocese of Honolulu, vicariate of West Hawaii, holding five masses per week.[5] It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is open to the public for viewing seven days a week.

I hope you enjoy the photo and thanks for dropping by. 

Inside Painted Church
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