Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Independence State Hospital

If you are one who watches the news and peruses social media on the interwebs, then you are probably like me and think that everyone in the universe could stand to spend a little time at this place to get their head straight..  I mean, the world has gone nuts!  I'm starting to think I need to take a big break from social media and I have cut back quite a bit already!

Oh, I should mention, this is another shot I took of the The Independence State Hospital in Independence, IA about 4 years ago or so.  From Wikipedia:

The Independence State Hospital was built in 1873 as the second asylum in the state of Iowa. It is located in Independence, Iowa. The original plan for patients was to relieve crowding from the hospital at Mount Pleasant and to hold alcoholics, geriactrics, drug addicts, mentally ill, and the criminally insane. It was built under the Kirkbride Plan. The hospital's many names include: The Independence Lunatic Asylum, The Independence State Asylum, The Independence Asylum for the Insane, The Iowa State Hospital for the Insane, and The Independence Mental Health Institute. There is also a labyrinth of underground tunnels which connect every building. Like most asylums of its time, it has had a gruesome and dark history. Remnants of this are the graveyard, hydrotherapy tubs, and lobotomy equipment. 

The hospital is still in operation. According to the state of Iowa, The Independence Mental Health Institute (IMHI) provides inpatient psychiatric treatment for adults, adolescents, and children who are in need of acute psychiatric service.

So apparently they still provide some mental health treatment. Like I said, the world could probably use a session or two...

I hope you enjoy the photo and thanks for dropping by. (You can click on the photo to see different sizes if you so desire.)

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