Friday, April 14, 2017

Toyota Center

The NBA Playoffs start this weekend, tomorrow to be exact.  With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to post a shot from our trip to see the Detroit Pistons take on the Houston Rockets one week ago.  [Apparently the Rockets have been around for 50 years now, hence the three "50s" that you see on the big video screen below.]  It was a great game and not just because my Pistons won 114-109, but we got to see James Harden of the Rockets do some crazy things with the ball.  No wonder he's up for MVP!  That dude was like Magic Johnson out there with the ball the way he passed it to his teammates.  Amazing!  And, if the Pistons don't play Boban Marjanovich more, they are just stupid.  This year the dude had an equivalent season as Shaq's MVP season in 2000.  He was rebounding and scoring a lot during this game.  Let him loose, Detroit!

I took this shot as soon as we got inside.  If you decide to go with a camera though, be careful that you don't take one with a very long zoom.  Last season I brought my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300 which has an equivalent max of a 600 mm zoom lens. As I was taking pictures of Kobe Bryant (Lakers v Rockets in Dec., 2015), an usher grabbed me and made me check the camera at their Customer Relations stand.  I had to leave it there until the end of the game.  This time, I just put my wide angle on my Fuji X-T1 which looks big, but cannot zoom in on anything.  They gave me a bit of a hard time when we entered because it looked like a zoom lens. However, they reluctantly agreed after I explained what it was and showed them that it didn't zoom much at all.  Moral of the story, don't take a telephoto lens to the Toyota Center or any lens that will extend more than a couple of inches.  That's the only place that's been a pain when it comes to cameras that I've experienced so far.

Last thing, I shot this pic with a 1/12 sec shutter speed.  It ain't the most perfect shot, but still pretty darn clear handheld don't you think?

I hope you enjoy this photo and as always, click here to see a higher-res version of the image below.

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Exif data:

Camera - Fujifilm X-T1
Lens - Fujinon XF10-24mmF4 R OIS
Focal Length - 10 mm
Aperture - f5
Exposure - 1/12
Metering mode - Multi-segment
Exposure program - Aperture-priority AE
ISO speed - 200
Exposure bias - -1.67 EV
Tripod - No
HDR - No
# of brackets - NA

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