Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Social Media Opportunities

Some people love social media and some people despise it.  I think I fall somewhere in between, but recently I have grown more fond of it, mainly for more lucrative reasons.  You see I'm friends via Facebook with Lee Brown who lives out in Colorado. Lee is an awesome photographer and works for a company called Griffis Residential.  Griffis Residential is a company that manages several luxury apartment complexes here in the Austin area as well as Denver and other places and Lee is their Director of Client Services as well as their main photographer who does all of their commercial photo work.  Lee needed some new daytime photos of three of the complexes in the area that showed some recent updates of the buildings and he couldn't make it out here right away.  Therefore, Lee asked me if I wouldn't mind taking some pictures of some of those complexes for the corporate website and for a fee of course!

Lee had seen some of the work I've posted out there on Facebook and found that I live near some of the locations needing to be photographed and asked if I would do it!  I did and am happy I did, too!  He was great to work with and compensated me well for it!  Oh, and Lee even taught me a few things about the business side of photography and also gave me some good Photoshop tips! What an awesome dude!!

So the lesson is, if you don't like social media, maybe you should because you never know what opportunities may come along.  One caveat though, just be careful what you post... Social media can be just as bad in return as it can be good.  And, thanks again, Lee for taking a chance on me!

If anyone else out there needs some commercial work such as this, please contact me. :-)

One more thing...  You can see my work at the following sites, although my shots only make up a select few.  Mine are the first 3 or 4 on each site and then Lee's make up the rest:

Griffis LaFrontera

Griffis Lakeline Station

Griffis Canyon Creek

Finally, below are a few of the shots I took for Lee and Griffis and you can see more at my flickr site.

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