Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dirk Nowitski

Last Saturday we went up to Dallas to see the Mavericks play the Brooklyn Nets.  Getting up there was a bit of an adventure as Fort Worth and Dallas got about 2 - 3 inches of snow a day or two prior and the roads were a little slippery up there.  This just freaks Texans out, but us Midwest-born people are used to it.  Everything was just fine up and back.

Our friend Ellen who lives in Ft Worth and went to the game with us let us stay at her house and she suggested we take the TRE train which was a great idea!  It has a stop right in front of the American Airlines Center so it was perfect!  (Thanks again, Ellen!  It was great and you are a great host!)  It made the trip to the game very easy and we didn't have to worry about parking.  Not to mention  worrying about the people who do not know how to drive in snow!  Try the train if you ever go to the AA Center!

That is a great arena to see a game or just about anything else.  Very clean, great beer and just a nice atmosphere.  We were a little surprised by the crowd though..  It seemed to be kind of a snooty one as a lot of the people there looked like they had quite a bit of money from the way they were dressed and when the game announcer asked to make some noise, the crowd seemed to let out a collective, "Whatever"..  Not literally, but they really didn't make much noise and they just didn't really try to play along.  Once in a while they let out some cheers when Dirk here made a nice three pointer or someone else made a good play, but overall they weren't too enthusiastic.  Maybe the fact that the Mavs were behind most of the game had something to do with it, but they were never totally out of the game until the very end.  Oh well, still lots of fun!

I got this shot of Dirk Nowitski during shoot-around prior to the game kicking off.  Not sure what he was smiling about but he really seemed to enjoy himself and his teammates out there!  Good for him!  Rajon Rondo on the other hand did not look too happy and I don't know why.  I guess because he just came off of a suspension by his coach for a game because he and his coach got into a little bit of a tiff...  Still, if I made his kind of money, I'd be ear-to-ear every night along with Dirk!  Like the crowd, I thought, "Whatever".

I took this shot with my trusty Sony DSC-HX9V compact point and shoot.  It has a nice zoom lens on it.  Ellen went down as far as she could to get a nice shot of him and I followed her down.  We made it about 5-10 rows before the court where we could not get past the last usher and I just zoomed all the way in.  I also cropped this shot to give Dirk a nice placement in it.  Lastly I added a some bokeh to it using Nik's Analog Efex to give it some depth and put the focus on Dirk.

If you would like to purchase a print or digital copy of this image, please contact me or visit my on-line gallery.
Exif data:

Camera - Sony DSC-HX9V
Lens - 4.3-68.5 mm f/3.3-5.9
Focal Length - 68.5 mm
Aperture - f5.9
Exposure - 1/200
Exposure program - Auto
ISO speed - 1600
Exposure bias - 0 EV
Tripod - No
HDR - No
# of brackets - NA

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