Sunday, November 2, 2014

Brady Throws

Today there will be a great football game starring the two best quarterbacks in the league; Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in the Denver Broncos v the New England Patriots game!  I've posted some pics of Peyton Manning before here and here.  I had a better camera and closer seats when shooting Peyton, but never posted any pics of Tom Brady.  So, since this game is coming on today, I thought I'd post a shot of "Tawmy" as the Bostonians would say.  We sat way up at Gillette Stadium and I only had my little Sony point and shoot, but I like this shot here even if it isn't technically perfect.  Still a fun action shot and you can see that Brady is throwing the ball.  It was a fun game and it was cold, too!  We even went with my old Air Force buddy Earl and his son so it was an extra-special good time!  Oh and the Patriots won by something like 35-21.

I did a little editing in Snapseed on my iPad to give it a more vintage flavor.  (Sorry, no good exif for this one...)

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  1. You got my goat on this one Evan, yea..Peyton is great, yea Tom is great but under the headlines of this game(Peyton vs Tom last week) came a record that neither had, Big Ben (6X2), ESPN snubbed him, Yahoo Snubbed him..Saying that, great shot and glad you had fun! I went to many a cold games and I don't think I can do that now lol, and I am do for a you know what myself...clean my tailpipes.. always enjoy your stuff bud

  2. Yeah, Ben was awesome! You are right! And, he's playing the Jets this weekend, so lookout! Thanks, Mike! And get those pipes cleaned! 😄


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