Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rams Fans

Rams fans are pretty much normal.  We've seen Saints fans and Seahawks fans and those people are crazy!  But when comes to the Rams, their fans are basically like the team.. So-so.  But, sitting in front of us to the right were this couple.  They had on these cool Rams hats and I thought it made for a cool picture!  This couple pretty much had a good time and yelled for their team as you can see.  But, as blah as most of the fans were, there was this one lady that sat behind us and to the left who screamed the whole game.  And when she screamed, it was this high-pitched blood-curdling type scream.  If her pitch was any higher, I think the lights would've blown out in the Edward Jones Dome! She screamed from the start of player introductions until the end of the game.  It was awful.  Maybe that's why we were able to get such good seats as we bought from a season-ticket holder and maybe that owner was tired of that loud lady...  She would be great for Halloween though! :-)

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Exif data:

Camera - Fujifilm X-T1
Lens - Fujinon XC50-230mmF4.5-6.7 OIS
Focal Length - 136mm
Aperture - f6
Exposure - 1/1000
Exposure program - Shutter priority AE
ISO speed - 6400
Exposure bias - 0 EV
Tripod - No
HDR - No
# of brackets - NA


  1. LOL Evan. I had a similar experience a week ago at a Fleetwood Mac Concert in Pittsburgh. it sucked and my wife almost slapped me when I spoke up, nice shot man! I guess we are getting old for live events, that's what me and the Empress said, home is so much more comfy!

  2. Thanks, Mike! It is better in some respects to stay home and watch games because you know more about what's going, but there's nothing like being there.. Just wish people would not take it so seriously.. Yep, prob getting too ole, but not dead yet! 😄


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