Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pike's Peak Cog Railway

We're going to shake it up a little and go back to the archives for today's shot...  This is the train that goes up Pike's Peak in Manitou Springs, CO.  It's called the Pike's Peak Cog Railway and it looks like a pretty fun ride and probably quite scenic.  We didn't ride it when we were there as we decided to drive up!  The drive is awesome but not for the faint of heart... Just ask Eileen! :-)  Anyway, if you are ever there and would rather not drive, this is the way to go!

Here's a little about the how a cog train works from their website:

"Conventional railroads use the friction of wheels upon the rails, called "adhesion", to provide locomotive power. A cog, or rack, railroad uses a gear, "cog wheel", meshing into a special rack rail (mounted in the middle between the outer rails) to climb much steeper grades than those possible with a standard adhesion railroad. An adhesion railroad can only climb grades of 4 to 6%, with very short sections of up to 9%. A "rack" railroad can climb grades of up to 48%, depending upon the type of rack system employed. Some Swiss trains use a combination of "rack" and "adhesion". This enables the trains to reach much higher speeds on the adhesion sections (rack railroads can not go much faster than 15 miles per hour or they run the risk of dislodgement from the rack rail- M & PP Ry.'s top speed is about 9 MPH)."

Exif data:

Camera - Nikon D300S
Lens Model - Sigma 10.0-20.0 mm f/4.0-5.6
Exposure Program - Aperture-priority AE
Aperture - f/11.0
Focal Length - 13 mm
ISO Speed - 200
Flash - No Flash

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