Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Super Snaps for Sunday!

OK, well maybe these snapshots aren't super, but in honor of the Super Bowl, I thought I'd post some OK snapshots from the last two football games we went to. Coincidentally, two of the teams we saw play were the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks who are playing each other in the Super Bowl this Sunday!

The shots here are not on the level of say Scott Kelby's football photos, but they aren't too bad taken from the stands with much crappier cameras than Kelby's.. :-)  That is a dream of mine, by the way, to shoot a pro game from the sidelines...  Wouldn't that be awesome?  But, I digress..

Anyway, I hope the Super Bowl is a great game and I hope the Broncos win for Peyton Manning's sake!  Go Broncos!

Also, I gave these shots a unique look using the "Classic Camera 7" preset in Nik Analog Efex.  Fun stuff!

Enjoy the photos and thanks for dropping by!

Above: Broncos defensive back Champ Bailey making tackle

Above: Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll greeting troops during pregame warm-ups

Above: Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker on his way to a touchdown

Above: Seahawks receiver Jermaine Kearse during pregame warm-ups

Above: Peyton Manning, Lance Ball and Eric Decker after Ball scored touchdown

Above: Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson

Above: Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning set for the snap of the ball

Above:  Russell Wilson ready for snap of ball

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