Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Black Sand Beach on the Big Island

One of our goals when we went to Hawaii was to see a black sand beach.  We found one down on the south side of the island at Punaluu County Beach Park.  It's a beautiful place and is just so typical "Hawaii"!

When we got there we walked around a bit and just took in the sites. The sand felt just the same when walking on it as sand on a regular beach.  However, it's just such a different landscape (ocean-scape? beach-scape?) and so exotic that it was fun yet weird to look at.  But, I liked it!  Of course the palms and the ocean were just beautiful as well!

There was also a gentleman fishing with a net and he caught a few fish in his bucket.  I asked him what they were, but at this point I really don't remember.  I do remember seeing some small silver and black striped fish, but that could be almost anything.

We also went to the standard tourist T-shirt stand and we met a very nice guy named "Guy".  He was awesome!  We had heard that turtles would come up on the beach during the day so we asked him when that might happen and he walked with us right out to the water and pointed some out to us.  The turtles were still feeding in the water, but he said they would come up later in the day.  He also told us a little bit about his family and stuff.  Turns out he and his family are big volleyball players and have been all over the world competing.  And, the t-shirt stand at the beach has been in his family for two or three generations, if I remember correctly.  What a wonderful life he has!  Very nice and interesting guy (pun intended..).  So of course we bought some t-shirts from him and said we'd come back to check out the turtles, which we did.

So, here are some of the shots from the beach below.  I didn't get any spectacular shots I don't think, so I thought I would post a multitude of what I got there and just enjoy the memories.  I hope you enjoy the shots, too and thanks for dropping by!  (As always, click on the picture to see a larger version.)

BELOW: View looking west with a life guard shack on the right and pavilion in the distance.

BELOW: View looking east with Guy's T-shirt stand on the left.

BELOW: Guy with Eileen as we discuss turtles and life.

BELOW: A couple of sea turtles resting that we saw on our return trip to the beach later that same day.

BELOW: Another sea turtle with the warning sign not to get too close to these guys.  The shot above was taken with my zoom so I really wasn't within 15 feet of them when I took it.  More like 25 - 30 at least.

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