Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Luis Jimenez' "Progress II"

One of the cooler things I saw at the Blanton Museum of Art last week was a sculpture by a man named Luis Jimenez.  The name of the work here is "Progress II".  The Blanton acquired this piece as well as one other sometime towards the end of 2012.  Luis Jimenez was a University of Texas alum.

I shot this piece from several different angles and I narrowed it down to two that I liked most.  However, I had a hard time figuring out which angle I liked better so, since this is named "Progress II" I thought, "Why not post both?"  So here you go...

The following is a description of what this sculpture represents from a December 31st, 2012 article:

Progress II, a massive sculpture cast in fiberglass and finished with car paint, belongs to the artist’s 1976 series that critically examines mythologies of the West. Rectifying traditional cowboy imagery, the work features a Mexican vaquero – the original cowboy – closing in on his prey: a snarling, red-eyed longhorn hopelessly attempting to evade defeat. Beneath the larger components of the sculpture, an owl stalks a mouse, while other small living creatures fight for their survival. An overarching theme of pursuit is revealed as Jiménez uses relationships between predator and prey to allude to the concept of Manifest Destiny, America’s road to “progress.”

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