Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Walking Thru Arches

Last week my mission was to get a shot of the Texas Capitol along with the Frost Bank Building and the Austonian from the north side of the Capitol where Congress Ave t's into the Blanton Museum of Art.  I wanted to get a similar shot that my friend Dave Wilson has gotten before.  But, morning is not a good time to get that particular shot.  You see, it can be hazy in the morning plus the Frost Bank building's lights are not lit at that time.  That can make for a rather dull photo.  So, while I was in front of the Blanton, I decided to turn around and get some shots of the maintenance crews cleaning up the place.  This is one of the archways that surround the Blanton while one member of the crew walks thru.  Not sure if you can tell, but I took some liberties with the architecture there.  Can you tell?

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  1. Damn, love this shot, I wanna shoot this place so bad, you Austin guys make me jealous! I have the pleasure of meeting Mr Wilson in the next couple of days, you are on my list as well, just so you know,,cheers.... did you mirror the shot L to right? on the outer edge

  2. Thanks, Mike! Yes, I'd like to meet you, too! That's be fun! The arches that you can look through are unchanged. The left side of the shot where the worker is walking and the left side in front of the main arch in the foreground had glass windows and doors. So I copied and flipped those and masked them in to give it a little more balance. I think it turned out OK.


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