Friday, March 1, 2013

Inside the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

The town square of Jackson, WY is an awesome place!  There's a park in the middle where the entrances on each corner have arches made of elk antlers that you walk through.  And then all of the shops that line the square have that old 1800s look with the porches made of wooden planks and such.  You just get that old cowboy vibe when you go there.  Speaking of cowboy vibe, there's a bar on the square called "The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar" and it's a must see if you ever visit Jackson.  Inside there are a bunch of pool tables, two huge bars with saddle bar stools and lots of tables made of what I think are old cedar. I took some pics of them, but as of right now, they didn't turn out too well.  I'll try working on those more, but no guarantees.   Anyway, this shot is near the entrance. Not sure if someone really shines shoes there, but I thought it made for a cool shot.

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