Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back from Jackson Hole, Wyoming

What a wonderful trip

It's been a couple of weeks or so since I've posted anything to the old blog here, but I have a good reason.  A couple of weeks ago, Eileen and I left with our friends, Doug, Tricia, Valerie, Theresa and Ellen for a week of skiing and fun in wonderful Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  We had a great time!  The skiing was awesome as were the views!  Well, it was awesome for some skiers in the group.  One of the skiers, Tricia, blew out her ACL in the middle of the trip after um, let's say "catching some air".  It sucked because ski patrol had to bring her down off the mountain and she couldn't ski for the the remainder.  She took it very well and I think still had a great time as did the rest of us! 

Not only was the area at the ski resort beautiful, but the whole Jackson Hole (no pun intended) area is unbelievable!  It's up near Yellowstone Park so the mountain vistas are just awesome!  It made for exceptional photography opportunities as well as other great activities.  We even took a snowmobile tour through Yellowstone to see Old Faithful!  What a blast that was!  Anyway, I'll be putting out more content from this trip in the next few posts.  There's one shot in particular that I can't wait to post, so stay tuned!

Tram Building

This is the main building at the bottom of the mountain that houses the tram that takes you about 4000 vertical feet up to the very top of the mountain. You get dumped off on a run called Rendezvous which a wide open black, but it isn't too difficult as long as the wind isn't blowing too hard and it isn't snowing. ;-)

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  1. Nice photo there Evan. By the way, are you going on Trey Ratcliff's latest photo walk? He's coming to Austin on the night of March, 11th, for a downtown Austin walk. I'm going to try and make it myself, I'm pretty pumped.

  2. Sweet image Evan, love the flares and the lighting, very cool POV

  3. Thanks, Wiz! High praise coming from you, sir!

  4. Thanks, Micah! No, unfortunately I have a previous engagement, but it sounds like a great time! Hope you get some great shots!


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