Saturday, January 5, 2013

3 Levels Under the Rotunda

Buzzword Bingo

Ever been bored out of your skull in sales meetings or any other kind of meeting?  Well, for your own amusement and possibly for your use as a listening aid, I have come up with the following buzzword bingo card:

B due diligence granular 30,000 ft view leverage turn-key
I 360 degree view deep dive deliverables robust efficiencies
N low hanging fruit drill down going forward tool set single pane of glass
G synergy best practices holistic decompress hybrid
O capture high level governance bandwidth optimize
X comprehensive snapshot seamless autonomy level-set

This is a card (with a few extras) of some of the most useless terms used in business meetings all across our fruited plain. I'm not sure why they are in the lexicon now, but (oooh, lexicon... should add that one as well) I guess it makes people sound smarter and makes their product/project sound more important than it really is. So, copy and paste the above into a spreadsheet, make a few different versions by moving some of the terms around to different cells and then print and them out to meeting participants. It will make the meeting a little more enjoyable and you may even listen closer instead of being bored out of your mind. However, even if you are listening, you may not get the gist of the meeting due to the fact that you want to win the bingo game! (The X line at the bottom of the table are extras to shake up the different cards you may want to print.)  If anyone knows of other words or terms that are just as useless, I'd love the hear them!

3 Levels Under the Rotunda

There are so many angles in Texas capitol building.  If only there were more time... Plus, this is a year for the Legislative Session.  In other words, in Texas, Congress convenes every other year and for only about 5-6 months or if the governor mandates a special session.  I guess this way they don't have as much time to screw stuff up!  I wish the US government would take a page from Texas' constitution in regards to this.  Anyway, since the session starts next week, it would be a little more difficult to shoot there.  Heck, my camera's in the shop anyway so I guess it doesn't really matter!

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  1. Bingo! Love this place, always enjoy seeing your versions

  2. Thanks, Wiz! It's always a great place to shoot!


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