Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hot Air

Today, Georgetown, Texas is holding its 3rd annual Georgetown Airfest.  There are lots of things to see at the event to include olde WWII era planes as well as helicopters, classic cars, etc.  The very first thing that was supposed to happen on the schedule today was a balloon launch.  Well, the airport was socked in with fog this morning so the balloons weren't able to go up.  However, two balloon owners were kind enough to inflate their balloons and let people take photos and ask questions.  It was pretty interesting watching the process of blowing one up.  They first spread the canopy out on the ground, then initially blow it up with a big old fan.  When it has enough air but is still too heavy to get off the ground, they pump in some hot air from the burners on top of the basket with a few quick blasts and the thing stands right up in just a few seconds.  Pretty cool!  I'm sorry they weren't able to lift off, but it was fun to see it all happen.

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