Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Revenge of the Birds

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there who follows my little blog. And for your entertainment, I found this little video that should make people think about what Black Friday could really be if you are not careful!

Wampanoag House Interior

The Wampanoag were the American Indians who met the Pilgrims that arrived in Plymouth, MA, the location where the first Thanksgiving is said to have happened.  Now, Plymouth has created a replica of the Wampanoags' as well as the Pilgrims' settlements at the Plimouth Plantation.  It is worth a visit if you ever get out there.  This is an interior shot of a Wampanoag summer shelter or house.  It was more suited for summer than the others that we saw.  As you can see walls were made of cattail reeds which helped absorb the humidity and keep out the rain.  Apparently it worked quite well.  However, their winter shelters were made mostly of bark. The benches you see here would be where the adults would sleep.  They would put down animal skins and other things to make their beds more comfortable.  The kids then slept on the floor.  Very interesting stuff.  Plan a visit there if you ever go!  You won't be disappointed!

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