Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another Day, Another Dollar

Excellent Photography Blogs

If you have a little time, check out the other photography blogs I have linked up on the right side of this page.  There are some really outstanding ones out there.  However, one of them is getting ready to shut down..  It's the Airstream Chronicles by Rich Charpentier.  I met Rich on a trip to Prescott, AZ a few years ago. He is a fellow HDR and portrait photographer who has come to the realization that he cannot survive on photography alone.  It's a shame, but it's the times we live in, I guess.

Another Day, Another Dollar

Here is something a little bit different..  I took this shot outside of Union Station in Denver.  There is a lot of work going on there to refurbish the place.  I'll bet it will be great when they are completed.

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