Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Tucker Automobile

I'm sorry..  I just can't help myself..  But, I love cars!  I'm even getting into a show on BBC America called "Top Gear" that my friend Darrell got me hooked on.  Granted, it's a British show and they don't take too kindly to things American, but it's a fun show to watch nevertheless. I think it's been on the air over there for quite a few years but it's just now making headway here. It's a show where they test drive vehicles ranging from everyday automobiles to the highest-end super-cars.  They also do some fun stunts on that show such as converting regular old cars into amphibious vehicles and then sailing them across the English Channel.  The results are hilarious!  Some of it looks staged, but it's still entertaining. Now there's an American version of the show.  It's OK, just not as entertaining as the Brits'.  Maybe it's their humor or the chemistry between the three members of the show, but it works much better.  So in that vein, since I like cars so much, I thought another shot of a cool/unique car was in the offing...

I took these at Dick's Classic Garage early this year. They are shots of the "Tucker" automobile.  It's a pretty cool car, one that was ahead of its time, but could not survive with the likes of GM, Ford and Chrysler back in the late '40s.  There's even a movie about it starring Jeff Bridges called "Tucker".  It's a pretty good movie.

The following is from the Official Tucker Club of America's website:

"Preston Tucker was a car-crazy kid who hung around auto speedways and grew up to create an automobile--the Tucker--that was years ahead of its time. He was a man of pioneering spirit, ingenuity and daring, who revolutionized Detroit in the 1940s with his stunning "Car of Tomorrow." It was streamlined, futuristic and fast--the car every American dreamed of owning, at a price most people could afford. A man of endless enthusiasm, Tucker publicized his model all over the country to wild acclaim. He sold stock, set up a factory . . . and then the auto industry launched a devastating anti-Tucker campaign."



  1. You can't beat Messrs May, Hammond and Clarkson for a great hour of automobile entertainment! I've been a Top Gear fan for over 20 years now.

  2. Thanks, Dave! Wow, I knew the show had been around a while, but I didn't know it's been 20 years! It's a great show!

  3. love the shine, great work


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