Monday, April 16, 2012

Texas Capitol From SoCo

Ahh, the things I do for getting a nice shot...  Well, I guess "nice" is relative, but I digress..  This shot was taken from South Congress Ave looking north through downtown Austin to the Capitol Building.  As you can see I stood in the middle of the road to get the shot.  "What a death-defying feat of uncommon bravery," you must be thinking to yourself..  Well, stupid maybe, but not that brave.  Really there wasn't a lot of traffic on this morning so it was pretty easy and non-eventful to get this shot. Here it is..

Also, South Congress Ave or SoCo as it's known in these parts has some eclectic (aka weird) shops and boutiques that the trendy patronize.  It's an interesting area.  Click here to see some examples to which I refer...

Enjoy the shot and thanks for dropping by!

Capitol From South Congress Ave


  1. Really like this point of view Evan! Good stuff!

  2. Thanks a lot, Jim!


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