Monday, April 30, 2012

Texas Capitol Extension

The Texas Capitol is so full of great photo opportunities that sometimes I think I post too much from that place.  Even the thought of going out there again to take more pictures almost seems like I'm giving in to my non-creative side.  It's just too easy to go there and shoot if I'm at a loss for another subject.  But, sometimes it's still a good standby.  I took this shot last year while getting ready to watch the motorcycles from the huge annual Republic of Texas Biker Rally rumble down Congress Ave.  I liked the symmetry of it.  Also, it was nice and cool in the Capitol while psyching myself up to get ready for the summer heat during the rally.  This part of the Capitol is a portion of the "Extension" which is underground on the north side of the complex.  I's another nice part of the building to see if you ever make it to the Capitol.

I guess that's about it.  Thanks for dropping by and any comment is welcome!


  1. Great shot Evan, this place looks so cool to shoot, well done

  2.  It sure is and it's very camera friendly there, for now... 


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