Saturday, April 28, 2012


You know, it's a jungle out there.  Even in our own backyard.  I found these guys making their homes in various parts of our yard over the years.  I'm sure you have similar creatures in yours as well.  We even had a 3 foot long brown snake crawl into our house using the line running from our air conditioner compressor to the air handling unit a couple of years ago.  He came into the house through the return vent and freaked Eileen and I out.  Eileen saw him first and I didn't believe her.  She screamed bloody murder the first time, but the second time I saw him too and shooed him out of the house, chopped his head off with a shovel and left him in the drainage ditch for the buzzards.  I should've gotten a picture of him.  Anyway, that's the critter story even if the ones pictured here aren't as imposing as a snake!

Hope you enjoy the shots and thanks for visiting!


  1. Sweet shots Evan, gets me in the macro mood, I just picked up the Canon 100mm 2.8L version with the Hybrid IS, cannot wait to try it out

  2. Thanks, Mike!  I wish I had a true macro like what you have.. Makes me jealous!  Have fun with it!


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