Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Caddy Chrome

When shooting cars at Dick's Classic Garage, I tried to get a shot of all the great chrome on this old Cadillac and the reflections it gave off.  What I attempted in another shot was to get the reflections of a car next to it along with one of the Caddy's from wheels.  However, it all turned out to be out of focus and no good.  So, I found this shot and I liked all of the chrome in it.  Not quite what I was shooting for, but after some removal of a lot of busy background stuff, I'm OK with it.  This is one of those shots that after I let cook, it turns out that some of the car, esp part of the bumper and the hood ornament are cutoff.  But, after all of the work I did getting rid of the background, I didn't want to try it on another version.  I also did a couple of other things.. I converted it to black and white, but left in the color of the Cadillac symbol on the hood and the color of the car next to it in the bumper's reflection.  I thought it gave the overall shot a little different look. What do you think?


  1. Very nice Evan, I think you did well with it

  2.  Thanks, MIke.  It's OK in my opinion, not my best, but at least it was a LITTLE different than what I normally post...


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