Thursday, April 12, 2012

Austin From The 1st Street Bridge

Here's another take of downtown Austin that I shot from the 1st Street Bridge.  I took this shot after having driven in to Austin for work that evening.  When I was through working, I thought I would shoot it up in the city a little bit before coming home.  While I was on the bridge, I met another photographer by the name of Jennifer who was taking some shots of the Hyatt on the river for her marketing firm.  She was dressed to the nines as she came out from a party at the Hyatt.  She said she wanted to get some shots of the building and the city for the occasion.  It was a nice little visit.  She also told me that as I was taking this shot, a little rat ran right by my feet!  Thank God I didn't see that because I may have wound up in the water below! ;-)

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