Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sweet Nadine

This car was located in the front of Dick's Classic Garage.  It's a custom 1951 Mercury built by the custom car guru known as "Mercury Charlie" Runnels.  He goes by Mercury Charlie because the Mercury automobile built from 1949 - 1951 is his favorite car to customize and he owns a custom car shop by the same name in Austin.  Looks like he does great work as you can see by his baby here that he calls "Sweet Nadine".  It's a beautiful custom car that is a wonderful shade of purple and looks like it would be a blast to drive.  It's low to the ground, has a chopped top and the interior has this black and white diamond pattern throughout.  Very cool!  Unfortunately, I could only really get a good shot of the side showing the interior.  The car had been cordoned off with chains so no one would touch it. I did take pictures of it with the chains around it, but I'm not sure those turned out to well.  However, I did like this shot I got of the side of the car along with some of the interior.  You can see that it looks like some serious work went into the making of this car.  I've heard a lot about Mercury Charlie through a good friend and co-worker of mine, Darrell Jourdan.  Darrell worked with Charlie many years ago and has some great stories.  Sounds like Charlie is quite a character and great at what he does.  You can see for yourself here.

Hope you enjoy the shot and thanks for dropping by. (Click the photo to see a larger version.)


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