Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gillette Stadium Panorama

It's Super Bowl Weekend!  Yahoo!  However, I'm also a little sad because Super Bowl Weekend also means the end of football for a looooonnnnggg six months.  It's the worst part of the year.  Oh well, you have to take the bad with the good, right?  Anyway in honor of the big day, I have posted this shot of the New England Patriots house which is called Gillette Stadium.  My wife and I went to the game when the Patriots played the Chargers on Sept 18, 2011.  We were very fortunate because an old Air Force buddy of mine, Earl Evans pulled some strings and got us some tickets for close to list price!  We went with Earl and his son!  It was his son's birthday, too!  The whole day was awesome!  And, the Pats won.  I don't really have a dog in the Super Bowl hunt this year, but for Earl's sake, I'm going for the Pats.  Plus, Tawmy "Terrific" Brady is a University of Michigan alum, so I have to pull for him as well!

So with that, have a great weekend and click the picture below to see a larger version!


  1. Evan, if I was a Pats fan...I'd want it on my mantle! But I prefer the Steelers. LOL Super Bowl today!!!

  2. Thanks, Pete! I appreciate that. It has some flaws, but overall it's not bad. Not sure about Mantle good, but not bad! ;-)


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