Sunday, February 19, 2012

Deck Chairs

There's nothing like an ocean breeze.  Or a heavy wind!  While on the back of the high speed ferry to and from Nantucket Island, I found I had to lean into the wind a little bit just to keep myself and the camera steady.  It was already chilly, but with a 50 knot or so "breeze", it really gets the blood pumping.  As you can see, no one was sitting in the chairs at the aft of the ferry.  However, there were some chairs facing aft just against the rear of the cabin on that deck which blocked the wind.  That's where a few people sat to enjoy the ride.  It was good for me because I could take pictures and not worry about anyone getting in the way.  I love it when that happens! 

(Click here for a larger version or roll over the shot with your mouse to see the original.)


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