Friday, February 3, 2012

1958 Ford Fairlane w/Retractable Hard Top

Here's another shot from my recent excursion to Dick's Classic Garage.  This one is of a 1958 Ford Fairlane w/Retractable Hard Top.  I love this car and the way the light was shining on it through the windows made for a "classic" shot.  At least I think so.  However, after looking at it, I kind of wish I would have gotten an angle that would emphasize the retractable roof more.  I think this was the first car ever to do that.  Good ol' American engineering.  Where did that go?  We still have it, but I don't think it is with the auto industry anymore.  Google and Facebook yes, autos no. Two cents...

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the photo. (Click the photo for a larger view)

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  1. A vintage car... That is the old version of limousine and other elegant car now.....


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