Thursday, December 1, 2011

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Iconic Austin Buildings

Here is another shot I took while out with Van Sutherland a couple of weeks ago.  As with my previous post, this shot was taken from Lou Neff Point at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas.  It shows three of the most iconic buildings in Austin.  They are from left to right, the Frost Bank Building, the W Hotel and the Austonian.  They are quite new.  The Austonian and and the W have only been around for a year or two whereas the Frost Bank building is creeping up around 6 - 8 years.  Maybe longer, I'm not too sure. 

The Frost Bank Building is mainly an office building, but it has a cool art deco look to it.  Some people, including myself, think it looks like a giant nose hair trimmer.  Other say it looks like an owl if you look at it directly from one corner.  The Frost Bank circular symbol is on every side and resemble eyes.  The portion on the top looks like an owl's comb and each corner has what can be seen as a beak just how it would look on an owl.  If you use your imagination on this shot, you might see it.  If not, go here.  So there you have it.

The W Hotel - or as we say in Texas, the "Dubya" - or as they say in the part of town where the W is located (while sounding like Thurston Howell III) "the Double-U, lovey" - is a high-end luxury hotel with apartments/condominiums.  It's also home to Austin City Limits.  During this past summer, the glass between the railings and the floor of some of the balconies began to mysteriously shatter and fall to the ground below.  It happened on three different occasions.  After the third time, management decided to evacuate the building and replace all of the glass panels on each balcony.  Apparently the glass was not tempered and the heating caused by the midday summer sun caused them to shatter.  Luckily no one was seriously hurt or killed, but it did cause quite a commotion.

Lastly, the Austonian is full of upscale condominiums.  From what I understand it is the tallest residential property building west of the Mississippi, or something like that.  Someday I would like to walk through one of the condos there to see how the other half lives.

That's about it for now.  I hope you enjoy the shot and thanks for dropping by!


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