Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Mouse

I was hoping to get more shots of Christmas this year, but for a few reasons, it hasn't quite worked out.  I did however try to get a few shots of some of the ornaments and packages around our tree.  This one here is about the only one that turned out fairly OK.  I tried using my 50mm 1.4 to get a really shallow depth of field, but I guess I went a little too shallow.  I wanted the lights to be blurry and I certainly achieved that, but some of the mouse turned out a little blurry as well.  At least his eyes are sharp!  That's what they say you should try to do when shooting animals or something resembling an animal, yes?  Lastly, this is a non-HDR.. Trying to expand a little you know.  Anyway, mouse-over it to see how it looked straight from the camera and let me know which one you like better.  Click here to see a bigger shot of the finished product.

Thanks for dropping by and if I don't post anything beforehand, Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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