Friday, November 25, 2011

Austin Skyline and Contest


In a few days I will be announcing details to give away an Apple Airport Express!  Anyone out there in need of one?

Austin Skyline

Last Tuesday, my good friend and co-worker Van Sutherland and I ventured out to one the of the better places in Austin to get a good shot of the skyline.  This was from a part of Zilker Park called "Lou Neff Point".  As you can see, one can get an awesome view.  As we were shooting, lots of other people with point and shoot cameras and smartphones were shooting from the same vantage.  I hope their shots didn't come out as good as ours because that would mean I don't really need this big-ass camera.  Actually, that might be a good thing! They can get pretty heavy after a while! ;-)  Anyway, Van and I shot here before a couple of years ago and we thought it was a good time to do it again.  Last time the skyline was still changing a bit.  Now, it's pretty much done for a little while.  There are more hotels slated to be built so it will change again soon.  When that happens, it will be time for new shots!  

That's about it.  Check out Van's site to see his shot as well!  I think it's better than this one!


  1. Great shot, Evan! We'll definitely have to do this again soon.

  2. I've been meaning to shoot a twilight panorama from there for a couple of years but have not managed it yet. You guys' shots are fabulous and are making me want to get down there even more!


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