Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reading Terminal Market Blooms

One of the places we went to during our recent trip out east was to Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market.  Basically it's a giant indoor warehouse-looking place that is filled with all sorts of little walk-up food stands where you can buy seafood, pastries and food-stuffs from other countries.  I'm not sure my description does it justice, but if you can imagine it, it's probably sold there.  They even sell flowers as you can see in the shot here.  I thought this made a nice shot and would be something a little bit different than what I normally post here.  I don't have too many flower pictures, I don't think.  OK, maybe it looks like everything else I post here, but it's still slightly different, isn't it?


  1. Please tell me you tasted Dinics and the Empress were just there a month ago, and please tell me you went to ESP :)

    Nice shot in the market, what a great place!

    Cheers Evan!

  2. Thanks Mike. No, didn't have the pork, but we did sample some Amish donuts and fudge! Awesome stuff. Also, don't know what ESP is other than the mind-reading thing.. ;-) It is a great place!


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