Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Plymouth Harbor

A few weeks ago, Eileen and I took a trip out east to see some places we've never been before and some friends we haven't seen in a long time. We also got to experience some weather we haven't experienced in a long time...such as highs in the 60s! It was wonderful! Our first stop on the trip was Plymouth, Massachusetts, home of Plymouth Rock! The rock wasn't too impressive, but it was fun to see. Plymouth is also home to a replica of the Mayflower ship called the "Mayflower II". Some day I'll post photos of it, which brings me to this shot... This is of Plymouth Harbor. There are mostly fishing boats here. I took this picture the first night we were there on our way to finding something to eat. That was an adventure in itself. The place we wanted to eat at had an hour and a half wait. So we ended up at a sports bar that was nice, but unfortunately we were seated next to some wild women who had a little too much to drink and thought they had to scream at the top of their lungs in order to have a conversation. Not the most pleasant experience, but an experience nonetheless. Anyway, hope you like the shot and thanks for dropping by.

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