Monday, October 17, 2011

Nantucket Galleries

Along the docks in one of the harbors in Nantucket, MA are all of these cool little art galleries.  I just love how they all flew these maritime flags as well as the US flags.  I also love that Cape Cod style architecture they have there.  According to one of the tour guides we had, you can't build a place on Nantucket that does not have this look with the cedar siding and the white trim.  Lots of hoops to jump through if you want to build and apparently it ain't cheap.  But it's a very pretty place, as you can see...


  1. Very nice composition Evan, the blues on the posts and the blue in the flags just draw the eyes in

  2. Thanks for great comment Mike. I wasn't sure if this was blog-worthy or not, so I appreciate the validation! ;-)


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