Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birth of a Government

While in Philadelphia, we visited Independence Hall.  It served as the US capitol for a few years when the US first formed and it's where our constitution was born.  One side of Independence Hall was the supreme courtroom.  On the other side sat the room where our founding fathers got together and hashed out the US Constitution.  The room you see here is the actual room, but almost everything in it is a replica of the furniture that was there.  There are a couple of things that are authentic and used during the time.  Two of those things were walking sticks that were used by a couple of the representatives and I wish I could remember who they were, but I'm not sure.  I think one of them was from Thomas Jefferson.  However, the thing that I DO remember is that the chair in the center of the room in the very back was the actual one used by George Washington during the Continental Congress and the drafting of the Constitution.  Pretty cool, eh?


  1. Nice one Evan, I did not know you could get uinside. Looks like it could have been a tough lighting situation, perfect for HDR. Did you make it to ESP while you were in town

  2. Thanks Mike! Yes, you can get in there, but they don't give you much time to take pictures. I had to do this one handheld. Not sure what ESP is so I guess we didn't make it.


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