Sunday, September 4, 2011

Long Time, No Post - Tower Life Building

For a multitude of reasons, I haven't posted anything to my little blog here in a long time.  Some of the reasons are lack of motivation, tired of the heat and a few others that I won't bore you with.  I hoping to get back into the swing of things soon.  I really enjoy shooting pictures, but I have reached a little burn-out point lately, but that might change soon.

Also, soon, Eileen and I are traveling to Boston and other parts of the east coast.  We will be staying in Plymouth and in Charlestown.  Any suggestions on what to shoot there?  This could help me get some motivation back and you could help me get inspired!  :-)

With that, last weekend my sister Elizabeth came to town for an excellent visit.  She had a symposium to attend in San Antonio. However, with the extreme drought we're having here, we had a hard time trying to think of things to do.  We tried Volente Beach, but that was a bust, food was not very good, and we also tried Rio Rio on the Riverwalk.  Again, food no good.  We still had a great time and it was great to see her!  She's lots of fun and we're lucky to have her in the family!  Anyway, Eileen and I joined her down at the Westin on the Riverwalk.  It's a very nice hotel, I must say.  While we were there, I grabbed a couple of shots from the balcony of our hotel room.  This particular one is of the Tower Life Building (I think). The following about the Tower Life Building is from Wikipedia:

The Tower Life Building is a landmark and historic building in San Antonio, Texas.
Construction of the tower began in 1927 and the building rises 403 feet (123 meters) and has 30 floors. The building, which opened in 1929 was originally named the Smith-Young Tower and is the central component of a partially completed development called the Bowen Island Skyscrapers. The eight sided, neo-gothic brick and terra-cotta tower (complete with gargoyles) was designed by noted local architectural firm Ayers & Ayers (Atlee & Robert B. Ayers). The building also housed San Antonio's first Sears, Roebuck and Company store in its lowest 6 levels.
The other completed building in the development is the former Plaza Hotel (also designed by Ayers & Ayers), which opened in 1927. The property became the local outlet of Hilton Hotels in 1956 and was converted into the Granada Apartments in 1966. Subsequent structures in the development were never built as a direct result of the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression.
In the 1940's the building was renamed the Transit Tower for the San Antonio Transit Company, which the Smith Brothers purchased in 1943. In 1953 a television transmission tower was added to the structure. Renovations in 2010 removed the obsolete television mast in favor of the tower's original design, a copper tophouse with a 100ft tall flagpole.
The building is now named for its current owner, Tower Life Insurance Company.
In 1991 the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.


  1. Very nice picture!
    /Victoria (Sweden)

  2. Why thank you Victoria! Like your blog as well, just wish I knew Swedish!! ;-)


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