Thursday, September 15, 2011


I would like to introduce you to my nephew Dylan! He's a great little guy! He's 8 years old and just started the third grade. It seems like just yesteday he was crawling and now he's almost grown up! Well, maybe not grown up, but he's definitely growing up fast!

Eileen and I met Dylan, his friend Connor and Dylan's Mom, Annette at a Round Rock Express baseball game out at the Dell Diamond a couple of weeks ago. We got to see the Express trounce the Albuquerque Isotopes 8-6! It was a great time and that's where I got this shot of Dylan. I tried to get a candid shot of him talking with Connor to get a natural look. Hopefully I succeeded.

Dylan is getting to that age where he knows some pro sports teams. And since he's from here, he's becoming a Texas sports fan. Nothing wrong with that, but... To his Mom's dismay, he's not a big Yankees fan, while Annette is! Back in May, we all went to see a Rangers - Yankees baseball game in Arlington and the Rangers won that one, I think by almost the same score as the Express game. Anyway, Dylan gave his Mom a hard time about that and I think he still does!

Eileen and I being his aunt and uncle are trying to get him to like some of the teams we like. Eileen is a big Dallas Cowboys fan and I like any team out of Detroit, yes, even the Lions. Speaking of which I am a big Michigan Wolverines fan, so I try to get him to go for the blue team whenever Wolverines football is on TV. Of course, he always asks me about "the blue team" which is funny, but he's getting there! Hopefully he'll start liking one of the teams we do, but I bet he will eventually like the Cowboys since they are a Texas team!

Anyway, that's a little bit about the guy you see here! I hope you enjoyed reading a little about him and I hope you enjoyed the shot. It's not a type of shot I normally post, but I had to put this one out there because it's Dylan! Thanks for dropping by!

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