Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sad News

I just found out that my good friend and excellent fellow photographer, Van Sutherland, has decided to no longer post to his blog.  He has some great photos and I found his work very inspiring.  He's taught me a lot and influenced my work quite a bit.  I'm sad to see him go, but I understand his wanting to.  Keeping these blogs up to date is not easy and trying to find new content is difficult as well.  I've had similar thoughts recently, but I think I will try a bit longer and see what happens.

Good luck Van and I hope you keep shooting!


  1. Van is a master of his craft and art, and has been an inspiration to me. When the blog gets to be too much like homework, it is understandable that a break is necessary. None of us who blog or make photographs as an avocation should ever feel compelled to produce a post or a picture day, we should all be doing this because we enjoy it. Looking forward a day when Van might find renewed vigor, for selfish reasons, I learn from him.

  2. You are right Wayne! Thanks for dropping by!


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